Andy Warhol

egentligen Andrew Warhola, född 6 augusti 1928 i Pittsburgh i Pennsylvania, död 22 februari 1987 i New York, var en amerikansk konstnär, grafiker och filmskapare. Han räknas som en av de främsta företrädarna för popkonsten. Han är bland annat känd för avbildningar av konsumtionsvaror och kändisar i silkscreenteknik.

Antoni Tàpies

i Puig, 1st Marquess of Tàpies (Catalan: [ənˈtɔni ˈtapi.əs]; 13 December 1923 – 6 February 2012) was a Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist, who became one of the most famous European artists of his generation.

Arman Pierre Fernandez

född 17 november 1928 i Nice, Frankrike, död 22 oktober 2005 i New York, USA, var en franskfödd amerikansk målare och skulptör.

Donald Sultan

was born in 1951, is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker, particularly well-known for large-scale still life paintings and the use of industrial materials such as tar, enamel, spackle and vinyl tiles. He has been exhibiting internationally in prominent museums and galleries, and his works are included in important museum collections all over the globe. Sultan is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his artistic achievements.

Joan Miró

född 20 april 1893 i Barcelona (Katalonien, Spanien), död 25 december 1983 i Palma (Mallorca, Spanien), var en spansk (katalansk) surrealistisk konstnär, grafiker och skulptör. Han är en av Spaniens viktigaste 1900-talskonstnärer och en av de mest framträdande namnen inom den katalanska konsten.

Marc Chagall

ursprungligen Mojsje Zacharovitj Sjagalov, född 7 juli (25 juni enl. g.s.) 1887 i Liozna (by utanför Vitsebsk i dåvarande Ryssland, nu Belarus), död 28 mars 1985 i Saint-Paul-de-Vence i Provence i Frankrike, var en judisk rysk-fransk expressionistisk konstnär.

Mr Brainwash

A provocative figure in the world of street art, Mr. Brainwash practices an irreverent brand of appropriation characterized by the use of copyrighted images from history, popular culture, and art history. The artist subtly alters the picture or its context, mischievously undermining the tone of the source material. Brainwash, a pseudonym for Thierry Guetta, is known for producing massive spectacles to display his art. He came to prominence through mounting large-scale public projects in his current home of Los Angeles and as the main figure in the Banksy-directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop. His work hinges on the idea that anything is possible in his practice. “Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist,” he says. “Art has no rules. There’s no manual.”

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

fullständigt namn Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Mártir Patricio Ruiz y Picasso, född 25 oktober 1881 i Málaga i Andalusien, död 8 april 1973 i Mougins i Provence, var en spansk konstnär och poet.

Sam Francis

Samuel Lewis “Sam” Francis, född 25 juni 1923 i San Mateo i Kalifornien, död 4 november 1994 i Santa Monica i Kalifornien, var en amerikansk målare och grafiker.


born Christophe Aguirre Schwarz on 17 November 1977 in Saverne, France is a French street artist, best known for his trademark “liquidation” technique.
He was an early and influential graffiti artist and active as a tagger in Paris in the 1990s. He is named after a regional train, Zeus, that almost ran him over one day he was down in the metro. Working with other French artists in the second half of the 1990s like André and Invader, Zevs has been among the prominent figures who pioneered the French street art scene.[citation needed]
By the end of the 1990s he became known for his poetic drawings of shadows in Paris, shortly after the departure of Facundo Newbery from Paris. Later he ‘bombed’ models on the billboards between the eyes. Though his interventions have been very popular, it has been discussed in France whether it is vandalism or art.[1]
In 2008 Zevs had his first major survey exhibition at the classical art museum the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work, including selections of all of his major series to that point, was displayed alongside masterpieces in the museum’s permanent collections such as Édouard Manet’s The Absinthe Drinker and Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker.